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With a background in creative content development and producing, Helga's skills go far beyond "just" cinematography  and film-making. Having worked on a range of show formats in broadcast television for 10 years, she now also provides full production services, from the first meeting and initial ideas through to final delivery.

Below are some excerpts from recent fully-serviced projects. Should you have questions regarding a specific project idea, please get in touch!


Being a streetwear brand local to Prague, the client brief was to incorporate some of Prague's popular landmarks among locals, with a dynamic style and a beautiful yet grounded and gritty quality to the visuals.

Locations needed to be freely accessible, logistically suited for parking and transportation of camera equipment, and workable for planned camera movement and talent actions. This particular location is a large open space, and whilst fulfilling all further criteria, presented the risk of a flat postcard-like look. We were very careful to make use of its various levels, stairs and  any objects present to bring dimension into the shots.

Vast locations on a humble budget require careful planning  of shooting times to make the best of available natural light.


In order to take advantage of the sunrise, we began our shooting day at this particular location at 5am. 

Thanks to good relationships with rental companies and technical suppliers, we were able to shoot the entire campaign on Alexa XT with Zeiss standard speed T2.1 lenses. For flexibility in our varied locations and to maintain a dynamic feel, I chose to operate on steadicam for the majority of the shots. The look and feel for all clips was decided upon in pre-production, and we kept accessories to an absolute minimum, benefiting the shooting plan, our mobility and notably the budget.

If you have a project of your own in mind and would like more information, please get in touch.


With a very short development and pre-production process, this music video was shot in late September and was just finalised for realease. Budget limitations and multiple moves between locations required careful planning to ensure feasibility and sufficient coverage within the given timeframe. Pre-production included several planning sessions, storyboard versions and location visits with the artist.


The gallery below contains several frame grabs from the final product, below them are samples of some of the storyboards created in pre-production


Storyboard of opening shot with timecode, lens and camera movement details

Storyboard of shot 2 with timecode, lens and camera movement details and song text